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Prachir – a Sanskrit word it means “The Wall”. However, for the band members, it is the strong bonding that they have and that they create with their audiences, fans and friends that give meaning to the name. We’ve put our thought into it, and through all the thoughts we came to a conclusion, it’s an unorthodox conceptual thoughts formed in the year 2006, 16th Aug. So far so good, the band is looking forward for a better future and welcomes you to be a part of this cohesive unity that they spread like infection through dose of music. A rocking live performance which gets better through every days hard work and practice, is the key to Prachir’s success. Last 2 years, the band has faced a lot of struggle and challenges, none the less Prachir has overcomed them all smoothly with rock hard determination to succeed and is still in the process of doing so. Being among the top 6 national band in Channel [V] Launchpad III is just a reward of the band’s hard work and determination. We are the first rock band to promote Bengali music in national television. PRACHIR...\m/

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